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  Why We Need Website Development ?
The first and foremost answer is why we develop website: To establish a presence. Close to 500 million people world-wide have access to the World Wide Web. No matter what your business is you can't ignore 500 million people. Even if you just conduct business within your community, you want to let people in that community know that you are interested in serving them in any way possible. If you don't, your competitors will.
You can also make business information available to everyone who wants it without any additional effort. You can give them answers to questions like: What are your hours? What do you do? How can someone contact you? Where are you located? What are today's specials? If you could keep your customers informed of every reason why they should do business with you, don't you think you could do more business? You can on the internet.

There are even restaurants in some areas taking lunch orders over the internet. In this short space we have just lightly touched on the number of reasons to put your business on the web. The following are some more good reasons for getting your web site today.

:: To serve your customers!
:: To heighten public interest
:: To release Time Sensitive Material
:: To sell things!
:: To reach a highly desirable demographic market
:: To answer frequently asked questions
:: To stay in contact with sales people
:: To open international markets
:: To create 24 hour customer service
:: To allow feedback from customers
:: To reach the media
:: To reach the education and youth market
:: To reach any specialized market!
Many companies are placing their entire catalog of products on-line, and some have built elaborate database driven web applications that help web surfers buy their products and services and pay for them online

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