Why Choose Us ERP

In layman's terms, ERP makes possible your business maneuver across every department in a centralized & integrated way. Need of ERP is essential for every business due to populated reasons


It can inform trade houses about stocks and out of stock, it can show all browsing history, can give regular updates, it can help trade houses with all the tiny bitty details about the business.


Data repetition and errors are the common problems which always occur but with ERP can help you get rid of it.


With ERP you can get all the updated sales and revenue pertaining data in real time. Due to this you will be in a better position to identify and manage cost variances.

What is ERP

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise resource planning. It is built to think about all the integrated processes which needed to run a company like finance, HR, procurement and others under one single system.
ERP is categories in various kind:


Apparel ERP: this is specifically for the clothing industries which need to handle a lot of changeover when fashion trends or seasons change.


Automotive ERP: Auto manufacturers rely on this ERP to handle inventory, quality control & scheduling.


Cannabis ERP: this is a solitary solution for the cultivation, manufacturing processing & distribution of legal cannabis.


Construction ERP: ERP helps construction task managements like stay in control of labor, materials, equipment and hired subcontractors.


Higher Education ERP: colleges, schools & Universities rely on this ERP to support their academic business processes ranging from tuition billing to exam grading, online classes to emp- student database etc.


Manufacturing ERP : this provides production planning, personnel and machine workloads scheduling, and general inventory control along the supply chain.


there is one more category of ERP which is based on operational kind:
On premise ERP: This software is directly developed on your in-site devices
Open source ERP: this software let you yourself inspect, modify and enhance your ERP source codes.


Cloud Based ERP: ERP which is available over a cloud-hosting service rather than on- premise deployment. This lets you access real time data as you have internet access.


Hybrid ERP: this works on both at a time or has a bland of premise and cloud based deployment.

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