What is Mobile Development?

As a full-service marketing agency and experienced technology solutions provider, we offer rewarding mobile application development services and tailored mobile development solutions to create an essential effective marketing platform for your business which is your native or cross-platform business mobile app.

Android mobile application development services to create native business android apps through using Android material design principles for animation, style, layout, components, patterns, and usability enabling creating end-to-end mobile solutions for multi-screen devices for Android users

Assisting our clients in the process of submission, uploading and launching of mobile apps on Google Play and App Store platforms

We can start explaining mobile development, which is not about building phone apps, though it is a huge part of it. Actually, It’s doing any reasonably development for any kind of mobile devices such as developing apps for phones, tablets, smartwatches, and every form of wearable devices that run any kind of mobile operating system.

Major Mobile Development Platforms

Android is the other dominant player in this space, it was a bit later participant to the game, first being released in Sept 2008, virtually a year later than iOS but it has managed to achieve a reasonably massive share of the mobile market. Technically, Android is the mobile OS with the largest most dominant share of the market with around 80% share compared to iOS’s 18 % share.

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