Online School/Institutes Managements Application

Online School / College/ Institute Management & Online Objective Examination Softwares:-
Online School/Institute/Coaching/College Management Software provides the modern facilities for smooth functionality of school Administration. Online School/Institute/Coaching/College Management Software is user friendly which makes the interaction between the Teacher and the Parents easier.
Nowadays Time Management is a prime factor for success, Online School/Institute/Coaching/College Management Software helps in saving time of parents; as they can watch the various school activities and their child’s progress report along with the teachers remarks, on their PCs. This means that parents are now free from the hassles of taking an appointment from the teacher on some special day or time. They will also be noticed about various school activities which otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Absolute Interface between Teacher, Parent, Student, and Administrator.
  • online exam practice paper prepration
  • Manage Student Information
  • Print Report Card of the student
  • Record of teachers attendance
  • Send SMS / Email to parents.
  • On mobile open all services.
  • Check Student Status in School/Institute/College.
Schools: Schools can set up their information about students & Teachers.
Teachers: Store teachers information. See & update student info, apply leave online.
Fee Details: Update Fee Details online with last date & Paid details.
Time Table: Store Time Table online, with this time table will be available online.
Home Work: Option to upload home work details online daily.
Attendance: Update attendance daily.
Online Prepration: Your institute students subject and topic wise exam logics tips and exam preptaion onlie any time any where by this portal.
Exam Details: Add exam with date & marks details.
Offline Result Updates By Exel Sheet Uploading: Add Offline exam Result with date & marks details.
Exam Details Tell By SMS Students Parents: Exam status of student tell by sms his parents on mobile.
Result Search In Mobile: Exam details Search on Mobile Inbox
Report Card: Ones the Report card is added the system will calculate & Analysis, which show in graphical representation. You can also Print Report Card through online.
Promotion: Allows you to update the student promotion.
Many institutes & Franchisee Management system:-If you have any centers manage then personaly manage all services
SMS: Paid service, with this feature you can send SMS to parents instantly through admin control.
Notice Board, Holiday List, Useful Links: As name suggests, you will also have an option to update Notice Board, Holiday List & Useful Links for students for their on going project or exam or for the Quiz or For General Knowledge.