Why We Maintenance Websites/Portals

We all know about the necessity of maintenance when it concerns our cars, houses and health, the same is true with your web site. The success of any web venture will rely on the amount of attention and maintenance that is put into it. A regularly updated website means you get the maximum return on your online investment.For an online business it is very important to keep the website well maintained. It must satisfy the needs of its customers without any error on website.

Following Reasons For Mantenance Websites
Broken links management
Missing Page Titles
Missing content or images
Images resolution
Spelling and grammar mistakes in content
Use of proper headings
Layout of webpages
Missing headings
Missing Meta Data
Missing Alt Tags
Different browsers compatibility check
Functioning of online forms
Functionality of java script or other scripting languages
File size of pages

  Four Reasons Why Regular Web Maintenance is Important
To keep visitors interested :-
As customers become familiar with your site they will see you as a trustworthly supplier and are more likely to send their business your way. Fresh material added regularly to your site keeps visitors coming back to see what's new. Routinely feature creative new content, text, graphics or images, to build the traffic of repeat visitors.
To add new products, services or features
Evolving your web site based on customer feedback means it's more likely to attract your best customers.
To maintain your Google rankings
Google gives higher rankings to web sites that are updated regularly because hey want to present the best quality content to their customers.
To keep your website working well
When your web site is well maintained links to external web sites will continue to work, images load and emails function. This means customers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily and are more likely to buy from you.
Static Website Mantenance:-
Dynamic Website Maintenance
  Price:-Total cost 10%
CMS Site Maintinance
  Price:-Total Cost 15%
Key word and contain Management
  Price:- Total Cost 15%
Re-Designing Website :- According our company's Designing Cost.This cost will be per page.